Hey, I'm Zhenghao征豪

My name is pronounced as /dʒen'haʊ/
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I am a software engineer based in Seattle. I am currently working at Instacart.

This website is my humble abode on the internet, where I pen my musings in here about software development, specifically JavaScript, TypeScript and web technologies in general.

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  • Senior Software Engineer


    Building an enterprise dashboard where the retailers manage their catalogs, pick-up staffing and scheduling, as well as to view analytics around various business metrics.

    Tech stack: React, TypeScript, GraphQL, Apollo, Ruby on Rails

  • Front End Engineer

    Amazon Web Services

    Worked on AWS IoT Console, migrating a legacy Angular monolithic codebase into multiple React packages owned by separate service teams with split pipelines and deployment bundles by adopting a micro-frontend architecture.

    Tech stack: React, Angular, TypeScript, AWS, React Query, single-spa

  • Software Engineer

    Arista Networks

    Worked on CloudVision Platform, a webapp which monitors data center networks’ hierarchy and performance.

    Tech stack: TypeScript, React/Redux, D3.js, WebSockets


Feel free to reach me at zhenghaohe17@gmail.com.

You can also find me on Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you happen to speak Chinese, you can add me on WeChat (id: Tsutchie) if you want.